Interiour Work, Kitchens

Lake House A

An undermount sink and a hob that sits flush with the surface are integrated into the natural stone corner of the kitchen block; the white substructure is made from Fenix laminate and offers storage space for everything that you would need to have close to hand while cooking. The white wall behind the block integrates seamlessly with the architecture. The fronts conceal all the integrated appliances, tableware storage and larder units. In the center of the wall of high kitchen cabinets, a swinging door was installed as access to the backstage kitchen. The backstage kitchen offers additional space: a generous washing up area, work surfaces, small appliances, shelves for cookbooks and everything that one could possibly need to cook up a storm has a home here. The design is anything but “backstage”: high-quality oak combined with stainless steel surfaces in a window niche with the greatest view.
In the living and sleeping areas, zones created in oak provide an intimate, high-quality atmosphere. The “family room” – a kitted-out niche – is a place for reading, lounging, playing and watching TV in a nook that is both enclosed and yet wonderfully open to the living room area. The dressing room upstairs is also finished in oak. For the interiors of the cabinetry too, great value was placed on having the best materials, well thought out details and excellent craftsmanship.
Concept of the interior design: : Titus Bernhard Architekten
Concept of the kitchen and backstage kitchen: Wiedemann Werkstätten
Photos: Jens Heilmann, Hechendorf