Concrete Hornbeam O

At the 4 meter long concrete block, positioned half in the old building and half in the glass extension, it almost feels as if you are sitting outdoors while at the same time offering a view to the dining table and the living room. The monolithic block – 4 sides and the work surface are concrete – was poured as one unit and is thus seamless. The block’s base structures have fronts made from dark linoleum, the shelves and the pull-outs on the walls are made from hornbeam and match the wooden floor. The interior is perfectly thought through; using many kinds of divisions and inserts, every piece of tableware and every kitchen tool has its place. The sink, designed to match the standard Gastronorm containers, the boiling/hot water fitting and the work surface with its raised edge at the back wall made from 5 mm stainless steel are indestructible and harmonize both with the concrete block and the light-colored wood.
Draft: Wiedemann Werkstätten
Photos: Jens Heilmann, Hechendorf