Perhaps the most important phase, even though nothing visible happens as yet. We familiarize ourselves with the general conditions: the architecture, the space, the budget and the functions that the planned project is to fulfill. And above all: we get to know you. Ultimately, this is about creating your living environment, and so your personality is the key reference point for the design process.





The design

Working closely with you, we develop the overriding concept first: this involves the basic decisions regarding materials and form, the location of seating areas, the arrangement of work surfaces and optimal pathways. And the impact that the space has: lines of sight, incidence of light, transitions. Then follows the detailed planning. And finally we go through everything with you: surfaces, fittings, integrated appliances, lighting, doors, drawers, handles and the numerous features for the interiors of the cabinetry, including sliding and folding elements, inside lighting etc.






Our kitchens and interior designs are always installed by the craftsman who build the furniture. That sounds insignificant, but it isn’t. Every edge and every joint, every projection and recess, the details of how parts connect, all of this has been meticulously planned and it is only when it is realized without any detail being lost in translation that the overall impression will be what we intend. This particular aesthetic of the custom-made kitchen can only be achieved when the specific logistics of transport, the construction sequence and the solution of the final on-site details are completely in harmony with our plans. The effort is always worth it.






In cooperation with our trusted craftsmen partners, we manufacture all the parts individually for what will be the kitchen or furnishing. We work with a large variety of wood species in the most different of forms: from solid boards to the finest veneers. Moreover, we use a wealth of other materials too: not just metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper and iron, but also linoleum, natural stone and concrete. Our team is likewise diverse: on the one hand, we use traditional methods built on centuries-old crafts and skills. On the other, we integrate the latest developments into our work in order to exploit the potential of the material and to expand the individuality of our concepts.






Kitchens have been our focus for as long as any of us can remember. No other room so combines the practical with the emotional. It is precisely because of this that our work methods, which focus on both functionality and personality in equal measure, lead to such outstanding results.



Immersion: Photo Jens Heilmann
The design: Photo 1 Jens Heilmann, Photo 2  Wiedemann Werkstätten, Photo 3 Marcel Weber
Manufacturing: Photo 1 and 3 to 6 Marcel Weber, Photo 2 Jens Heilmann
Fitting: Photo 1, 3, 4 and 6 Marcel Weber, Photo 2 Jens Heilmann, Photo 5 Wiedemann Werkstätten
Kitchens: Photo 1 Wiedemann Werkstätten, Photo 2 Andreas Buchberger, Photo 3 Marcel Weber